Berkshire Food Office Coffee & Water Services

Bottled Water

Our water is bottled by Village Springs of Willington, CT; a CT certified bottler with a reputation for quality and purity. Our water is filled for us directly from the springs on demand. Provide your employees with a healthy and refreshing beverage choice.

Bottled Water Equipment

We utilize five gallon handled round spillproof bottles for easy refilling with no mess. You may select from hot/cold taps or room temperature/cold taps, depending on your needs.


Office Coffee Service Products

Berkshire Food uses only 100% Colombian name-brand coffee. We guarantee the best! Of course, both regular and decaffeinated coffees are available. And we carry a full line of k-cups for single cup brewers.

Additionally, we offer an array of international flavored coffees, hot cocoa, and a variety of Bigelow Teas.

Office Coffee Service Equipment

Office Coffee equipment is catered to the office environment at hand. Either single cup brewers or traditional pot coffee makers may be utilized. Berkshire Food will work with the client to provide the optimal hot beverage system for its employees.


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