Equipment & Technology

Berkshire Food invests in the highest quality equipment and complementary technology to ensure  complete satisfaction and convenience for its customers.

All machines are clean, new and state of the art.  Furthermore, all equipment:

  • Is standardized with dollar bill acceptors and credit card readers for multiple payment options
  • Accepts Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Can be customized to accept student and corporate debit cards in coordination with the internal systems maintained by our customers
  • Is supported by computerized inventory systems to ensure stocking levels via real-time monitoring
  • Utilizes LED lighting for optimal visibility and energy savings
  • Meets the EPA Energy standard to support the environment and your budget
  • Is supported with regular maintenance and systematic system upgrades

We have food service options for every environment, and can place state-of-the-art equipment on your business premises upon agreement.


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MicroMarkets Gallery

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