Our Vending Services

When it comes to vending, Berkshire Food has what it takes – expertise built on experience. With 50 years logged into food distribution and a quarter of a century in vending, we can tell you what customers want – we know what sells!


Whether it be Colombian coffee, fresh sandwiches, or name brand beverages and snack foods, you can be sure that Berkshire Food can stock your vending machines with the optimal product mix.

Mind you, not every client is the same. No school or office or shop floor or university or hospital is the same as the next. That’s why we work with you to customize your food and beverage offerings and ensure that your needs are met. And if your facility would like to go with healthier choices, ask us about our Healthy Vending Programs for all-natural, organic, vegan and gluten-free food and beverage options.

Whether you opt for a traditional vending program or wish to subsidize product as an employee incentive, we are ready to serve you.



Berkshire Food Vending Services Division serves all of Connecticut


All of our vending machines are clean, new and state of the art.

Dollar Bill acceptors are standard for all equipment as are computerized inventory systems which enable us to ensure that your machines remain stocked at all times.

We have a full array of equipment to place on your business premises upon agreement.

Review our Top-Sellers, Displays, and a wide variety of Vending Service options for every environment.



We pride ourselves on our service.  That means filling and maintaining equipment as required.  Our trained service personnel have a track record of success with regard to gauging the demands of the account, and maintain strict quality controls.

While Berkshire Food clearly puts the very best equipment in place to start, even the best equipment requires diligent maintenance and occasional repair. Our Route Drivers are well-trained in machine maintenance, and expected to perform baseline maintenance tasks as part of every fill.

Vending Supervisors check machines on a regular basis to ensure that proper care is indeed being taken to minimize machine downtime. Any problems that do arise are addressed by our Route Drivers who are trained in basic repair and supported by Service Technicians who are fully trained in all aspects of the equipment.  A well-stocked inventory of machine parts is maintained in our warehouse to support their efforts.  Client Service Calls are taken by our Danbury office, and processed with expediency to keep equipment up and running.  Most are attended to within a 24 hour window.

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