4 Reasons Connecticut Companies Choose Vending Machines

Connecticut-based companies are increasingly adopting in-house food service like vending machines.  Why the acceleration in vending installations?

Valued Employee Benefit

Access to food and beverages on the job is considered a perk by most employees.  Subsequently, employers commonly provide coffee in the morning, but what about snacks throughout the day or lunch options?  The convenience of the latter is often compelling enough to make a real difference for both prospective hires and tenured staff.  And given the opportunity to weigh in regarding food and beverage choices will increase morale.

Increased Productivity

Keeping employees sated ensures that they can tackle their jobs with energy, and ultimately supports a more productive workplace.  A vending machine installation decreases the need for employees to leave the office for refueling, and keeps them at their desks for more hours in a given day.

Low Cost and Low Maintenance

Contracting with a leading Connecticut vending provider like Berkshire Food translates to a low cost installation.  Ultimately, we absorb the cost of the equipment and manage all machine filling and maintenance.  Overhead for the the company is therefore usually limited to power requirements and oversight for machine security.

Flexible Options 

Vending is not all about soft drinks and chips.  Of course, these are options, but so are healthier selections like water, yogurts, fruit, nuts and even salads.  Vending machines can offer hot beverages, cold beverages, fresh food and packaged options. Berkshire has over 2000 product selections and a full suite of state-of-the-art equipment to meet the vending needs of your Connecticut facility.


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