University Services

University Vending Services

Berkshire Food is smart about its university business. With over 30 years of experience specifically servicing educational institutions; colleges and universities included, we understand your needs.

Berkshire Food currently serves several institutions within the construct of the public university system in Connecticut, and has been doing so for more than a decade.  We also serve private universities and community colleges in Connecticut and New York.

The crux of our university business is in food and beverage vending.

Our product offerings are comprehensive, our equipment is state of the art, and our service is first rate.  Furthermore, we leverage trends in automation and card service to better meet the specific needs of a university population.

Berkshire Food vending machines build significant awareness and generate sales by virtue of strategic placement in very public and high-traffic areas.  Nevertheless, Berkshire Food encourages heightened awareness via campus advertising and online efforts.  We are also receptive to creating customized marketing campaigns for specific clients including sponsorships and scholarships.

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