FAQs for Berkshire Foods

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Frequently Asked Questions:

To have a vending machine installed at your place of business, office, school or facility, simply call us at 203.792.3435. We will customize a Vending program for you and, upon agreement, deliver and stock your machine(s).

Of course! Just let us know what you need, and we will oblige.  And with decades of service in vending, we can provide you with advice about what sells in facilities like yours.

Whether it be Colombian coffee, fresh sandwiches, healthy items or name brand beverages and snack foods, we have it.  And with more than 2500 items in stock, and the option of special orders, you can be sure that Berkshire Food can stock your vending machine(s) with the optimal product mix.

Yes! Berkshire Food carries a full line of  packaged "healthy snacks" including organic products. Furthermore, we remain pro-active in seeking and taste-testing new products that (1) meet the standard with regard to serving size, calories, sugar content, fat content, saturated fat content and trans fats, and (2) have potential consumer appeal (i.e., taste good).  This line is made available to both schools and corporate accounts. We also carry a number of fresh alternatives.

Yes – almost all of our machines take credit cards.  We also work with schools, universities and others to accept customized debit cards.  Of course cash works as well.

There is never a charge or fee for any of our vending services.  Just pay for the product you select.

Berkshire Food offers the most competitive commission rates in the market.

Berkshire Food takes care of that so you don’t have to.  We use vending technology to manage your stock levels, and subsequently schedule restocking exactly when you need it.

We pride ourselves on our service.  That means filling and maintaining equipment as required.  Our trained service personnel have a track record of success with regard to gauging the demands of the account, and maintain strict quality controls.

While Berkshire Food clearly puts the very best equipment in place to start, even the best equipment requires diligent maintenance and occasional repair. Our Route Drivers are well-trained in machine maintenance, and expected to perform baseline maintenance tasks as part of every fill. And we have a staff of professional service techs at the ready should the need arise.

Yes.  Berkshire Food is fully insured, regulatory compliant and a licensed vendor.

All of our new machines are Energy Star rated and offer the maximum efficiency possible.