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Berkshire Food is the leading vending and food service company in Connecticut, with unsurpassed product selection, cutting edge technology and responsive personnel to ensure complete satisfaction and uninterrupted service for our customers in business, schools/universities, and public facilities. Our family treats you like family - your satisfaction is essential to our success.

Why Choose Vending?

If you are seeking to improve business productivity and employee/customer satisfaction, see how Vending can help, then contact us so we can customize your program.

Food and Beverage Distribution

Vending Services

When it comes to vending, Berkshire Food has what it takes – expertise built on experience. With 25 years in vending, we can tell you what sells. And you can be sure that we’ve got it.

Food and Beverage Distribution

Food & Beverage Distribution

With 50 years of distribution experience, Berkshire Food is firmly established as an industry leader in the Connecticut/New York area. We are snack and beverage experts.



A revolutionary approach to food service. Berkshire Food now designs and supports self-checkout vending markets that provide a multitude of snack, beverage and fresh food products in a retail space customized for your facility.

Healthy and Fresh Alternatives

Healthy & Fresh Alternatives

Berkshire Food carries a full line of packaged "healthy snacks" including organic products. These are complemented by fresh food alternatives; a growing segment due to consumer demand.